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YouTube Channels for Architects

Hello, friends! Who here enjoys watching videos on YouTube? This time, I want to share information about architecture YouTube channels that you must subscribe to. I've actually covered a similar topic before in my previous post, "Architecture YouTube Recommendations." But to keep it concise, I decided to create a new article.

For those of you who enjoy exploring house or building designs and want to know more about the world of architecture, these 8 channels below are a must-subscribe for you.

(700K subscriber, new video every week)

Rekomendasi Youtube Arsitektur

Dami Lee, a Canadian architect, started her YouTube channel in May 2020, focusing on topics such as architecture, careers, and creativity. The channel provides many tips, such as the essential skills for architects, tips for creating effective presentations, and other useful information. This channel is a valuable source for those interested in the world of architecture and wanting to learn more about careers and creativity in this field.


(300K subscriber, new video every 2 weeks)

Rekomendasi Youtube Arsitektur

Daniel, an English architect now residing in Canada, started his YouTube channel in 2019 with his first video about the Minimalist Micro Apartment, inspiring other micro apartment owners. His content mostly revolves around minimalism, technology, and design. He frequently shares his views on how a minimalist lifestyle can enhance one's quality of life by reducing clutter and complexity. Additionally, he engages with his audience by creating video content for makeovers and redesigns of subscribers' spaces. If you are interested in design and minimalism, this channel can be a source of inspiration and valuable knowledge.


(160K subscriber, new videos every 1-2 months)

Rekomendasi Youtube Arsitektur

Karin is an interior designer and the founder of the House of Bohn design studio based in Canada (yes, Canada again!). She works on various interior projects, especially luxury residential ones. On this channel, Karin shares the day-to-day life of an interior designer and entrepreneur. She often provides advice and insights that you may not get in a traditional classroom setting. Her videos also showcase successfully completed interior design projects. If you're curious about how an interior designer handles projects, this channel is perfect for you.


(200K subscriber, new video every week)

Rekomendasi Youtube Arsitektur

Surviving Architecture, owned by Rasha Shrourou, covers various topics related to architecture and design. One of its main focuses is on topics related to architectural visualization, such as creating design diagrams, rendering, and architecture tutorials. The uploaded videos are visually appealing, making them easy to understand and enjoyable to watch. This channel is suitable for architecture students who want to learn about architectural visualization.


(200K subscriber, new video every 2 weeks)

Rekomendasi Youtube Arsitektur

Living Loving is an Indonesia-based platform that delivers content related to homes, lifestyle, and creativity. Established in 2014, this channel has garnered over 200 thousand subscribers and uploaded hundreds of videos. The content is diverse, with frequent visits to contemporary designed homes. Overall, the Living Loving YouTube channel is a great choice for those who love creativity, lifestyle, and home decoration and seek inspiration.


(900K subscriber, new video every week)

Rekomendasi Youtube Arsitektur

The Local Project is a YouTube channel that focuses on design, delving into stories about how designs are created and how they are used. This channel offers interesting stories from architects, designers, and artists who share their creative process in creating amazing works, especially in the context of Australia and New Zealand. Overall, The Local Project is a fascinating and beneficial platform for anyone interested in design and wants to explore the aspects behind a design.


(400K subscriber, new video every week)

Rekomendasi Youtube Arsitektur

Design Seed is a Malaysia-based YouTube channel focusing on design and architecture with a vision to introduce the world of design and architecture to the wider public, enhancing understanding of the value and importance of good design. The channel features stunning designs of residences, restaurants, bars, hotels, commercial projects, and offices throughout Malaysia and eventually worldwide. In addition to showcasing the best projects in design and architecture, Design Seed also regularly provides interior tips and the latest design trends.


(100K subscriber, new video every month)

Rekomendasi Youtube Arsitektur

Cityscape Studio, owned by Majiri, is a YouTube channel showcasing high-quality urban dioramas of Japan with impressive details. In each video, Majiri presents a meticulously designed and realistic miniature city, complete with skyscrapers, roads, vehicles, train tracks, and small details like trash bins, barriers, and streetlights. Additionally, the channel displays the fascinating process of creating dioramas that is interesting to watch. Cityscape Studio is suitable for fans of architecture, urban planning, and model-making. This channel is entertaining and can provide inspiration for those interested in creating their own miniature artworks.


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