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Architecture Website Recommendations

If you're looking for ideas or staying updated on the latest developments in the world of architecture, here are 8 recommended architecture websites from both domestic and international sources. I've selected these based on personal preferences, and some of them I frequently visit for inspiration and the latest information in the field.

With 14 million monthly visits and available in four languages, Archdaily stands as one of the largest and most popular architecture websites today. Established in 2008, Archdaily provides information on the latest architectural projects, products, and trends worldwide. Architects can submit their work to Archdaily, which is then globally published after a thorough review process. Featured projects include comprehensive content such as descriptions, project photos, and architectural drawings. Additionally, Archdaily hosts the annual Building of The Year awards, determined by reader votes. Some works by Indonesian architects have been nominated for this award. Check out the latest Building of The Year awards through this link.

Archnet is an architecture website that offers a variety of intellectual resources focusing on architecture, urbanism, environmental design, landscape architecture, visual culture, and conservation issues related to the environment. Developed by MIT School of Architecture and Planning and operated by Aga Khan Trust for Culture, Archnet, like Archdaily, showcases architectural works but with a focus on the Muslim world and society.

If you're seeking inspiration for homes or apartments, Apartment Therapy is the go-to place. Established in 2001 by interior designer Maxwell Ryan, Apartment Therapy aims to inspire everyone to lead a more beautiful and happy life at home. Officially becoming a media company in 2004, it has since grown into a design inspiration portal for those seeking solutions for home and apartment decoration. On this website, you can see how others decorate their homes, the stories behind them, and various tips for arranging spaces in your home.

During my early years in architecture school, I often approached senior students for archives, which were physical examples of working drawings and details they had previously created. These archives were in the form of sheets and rolls of paper that could become worn, damaged, or lost. In Archtoolbox, these archives are digitized, containing all the technical references needed by architects and interior designers to design and advance their careers. The articles on this website are detailed, covering topics such as building systems and materials used in projects, complete with dimensions and material sizes. There are also introductions to abbreviations and terms in the world of architecture, types of codes and notations in working drawings, how to create working drawings, and even building a portfolio to advance your career.

Confused about choosing a drawing tablet? Need recommendations for dining chairs? Or advice on selecting a hammer drill? The Architect Guide is a blog containing a collection of advice and experiences from its founder Brandon Hubbard, who has studied and worked in the field of architecture for nearly two decades. This blog aims to be a guide for readers to find the latest and best products to make life easier, more enjoyable, and more productive. So, whether you're looking for household items, tools, or architectural supplies, it's worth stopping by this blog before deciding what to purchase.

This is an architecture blog by Bob Borson, a professional architect from Texas, US. Its content mostly revolves around the life of an architect or what it's like to be an architect. Some topics also help explain what architects do to make a living. Borson also has an interesting podcast worth checking out.

Design Milk is a design blog that features everything related to interior design, architecture, furniture, decoration, art, and technology. Founded by Jaime Derringer, most of what is featured on this website is modern interior or furniture. The website also sells various items, from stationery to home decorations to household items, all with unique designs.

Established in 2015, Arsitag is the largest online directory for finding design inspiration, information, and the best professionals for home improvement in Indonesia. On Arsitag, there are hundreds of architects and projects by Indonesian architects. Arsitag also serves as a platform that connects potential service users looking to hire architects with architects eager to work on projects.



Minimalissimo is an independent print and digital magazine dedicated to minimalist design. They showcase various minimalist-themed ideas in architecture, interior design, furniture, and household items curated with great care. Its web design is simple, in line with the overarching theme they promote. This is one of my favorite architecture websites. If you appreciate minimalistic style or are currently seeking minimalist design inspiration, this place is highly suitable.


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