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Theme-Based Architecture Video Games

Hello again! Lately, I've been quite enthusiastic about updating this blog after a six-month hiatus. I've got several topics in mind to share, and I hope to maintain consistency. This time around, I want to delve into the realm of games. Do you enjoy playing games?

During our childhood, we interacted with numerous toys, and video games were among them. Games are a highly favored form of entertainment for many people. Besides being a source of amusement, games can also serve as a learning medium for architects, even though the emphasis tends to lean more towards fun than education.

I have some game recommendations for architects, and some of these games are already well-known due to their popularity. Here's the list:


Who isn't familiar with Minecraft? Almost everyone knows about it. Created by Mojang, this game allows you to construct structures using virtual blocks. It aids in enhancing design skills and building resilience and precision when determining the size and proportions of buildings.

Game Arsitektur

The world of Minecraft is vast, and players are free to do and build anything from houses, castles, villages, machines, cities, to space stations. This freedom is what makes Minecraft incredibly popular. You can also join the Minecraft Partner Program to share your creations with their community on the Minecraft Marketplace.


The Sims Series

Published by Electronic Arts, The Sims is a highly popular life simulation game among gamers. You can create and control virtual characters, as well as design and build their homes. In this game, you can alter the appearance and style of the house, including arranging layouts, colors, and furniture. This makes The Sims interesting for those with an interest in interior design and architecture.

Game Arsitektur

The Sims can be considered a virtual platform allowing players to design and build their dream homes. Players can express their imagination in house design, creating beautiful and functional architecture. Therefore, The Sims can be an excellent practice tool for aspiring architects to hone their skills in designing and building homes.


Simcity Build It

One of the best city-building games out there. This game teaches you to plan, build, and manage a city efficiently. In SimCity BuildIt, players must manage their city wisely and make the right decisions to keep the city running smoothly and continuously developing. It also illustrates the role of architects in making decisions and advising clients on how to design and build an ideal and sustainable building or environment.

Game Arsitektur

Architects play a crucial role in designing and building functional, aesthetic, and sustainable cities. They must consider aspects such as road layout, public spaces, infrastructure, and the environment when designing a building or city environment. This game can help architects understand city planning, space usage, as well as how to manage infrastructure and transportation effectively.


House Flipper

House Flipper is a simulation game developed by Empyrean and published by PlayWay. In this game, players take on the role of a renovation specialist tasked with cleaning, renovating, and fixing damaged houses. Players can choose from various tasks, including replacing windows, fixing electrical issues, and rearranging rooms, with the goal of making a profit by selling the renovated homes.

Game Arsitektur

House Flipper can serve as an excellent tool for aspiring architects to practice their skills in designing and renovating homes. In the game, players are required to pay attention to details and room layouts, allowing them to address deficiencies and add value to the homes they sell. Additionally, House Flipper can help architects develop their abilities in budget management for renovations.


Monument Valley

Monument Valley is a puzzle game developed for mobile platforms. The game combines beautiful visual elements with challenging puzzles to solve fictitious architectural designs. In this game, players must navigate and solve puzzles within complex and enchanting architectural structures.

Game Arsitektur

Monument Valley can be considered a work of art that blends architecture, visual art, and design. The architecture built in the game is highly unique and complex, requiring creative skills and imagination to solve the puzzles within. The game also serves as inspiration for architects to create works that are not only visually appealing but also possess balanced functional and aesthetic values.



Similar to Monument Valley, Mekorama is a puzzle game developed by Martin Magni. First released in 2016, the game has since become popular among puzzle game enthusiasts. In this game, players control a small robot that must solve a series of puzzles to reach the final goal. Mekorama is known for its intriguing level design and simple yet beautiful graphics.

Game Arsitektur

Mekorama can be seen as a virtual platform that allows players to develop their creativity in designing and constructing structures. In the game, players must design and build paths and platforms to help the small robot reach its goal. Players can also express their imagination by designing levels and creating unique and interesting structures.


Property Brothers Home Design

Property Brothers, a reality show airing on HGTV, has now been adapted into a video game called Home Design. It is an interior design game that combines puzzle elements with simulation gameplay. In this game, you play as an interior designer working with Property Brothers, Jonathan Scott and Drew Scott, to transform old houses into modern and comfortable homes. You must complete puzzle levels to earn money and then use it to buy the necessary furniture and decorations for the home renovation process. Additionally, you can customize room layouts and colors according to your preferences.

Game Arsitektur

In the world of architecture, interior design is a crucial aspect of creating a functional and aesthetic home. An architect not only designs the entire building but also pays attention to every detail inside, including interior design. The Property Brothers Home Design game can inspire you to creatively and effectively design the interior of homes.



Banished is a strategy simulation game developed by Shining Rock Software and released in 2014. In this game, you are responsible for building and managing a settlement for the survival of its residents. You must construct dwellings, meet the basic needs of the residents such as food, and manage natural resources to ensure the settlement's sustainability. Banished requires players to make strategic and intelligent decisions in building and managing an effective settlement.

Game Arsitektur

In this game, players must consider various factors such as topography, climate, and available natural resources to build a successful settlement. Additionally, players must take into account aspects such as the needs of the residents and the safety of the settlement when designing and building an effective city.


Pocket Build

Pocket Build is a simulation game that allows you to build and design a city or village according to your imagination. In this game, you can construct buildings, parks, roads, and environments freely without any limitations. The game is suitable for architecture and urban design enthusiasts as players can express their creativity in designing the layout of a city or village.

Game Arsitektur

In this game, you can design and build environments that adhere to principles of good architecture, such as functionality, beauty, and comfort. Additionally, Pocket Build can help architects develop their skills in designing diverse open spaces, such as city parks, neighborhood parks, or pedestrian areas.

Those are some recommendations for architecture-themed games. There are actually many other games with architecture themes, but I might continue in another post to avoid being too lengthy. Playing games in your leisure time can be a way to train creativity and imagination. However, even so, the time spent playing games still needs to be limited to avoid disrupting your other activities. Regards!


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