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Recommendations for Architecture YouTube Channels

There are many aspects to learn about architecture and design, but finding the time to delve into everything can be challenging. One of the quickest and easiest methods for learning (and finding inspiration) is through YouTube. YouTube is a phenomenon and the second-largest search engine after Google. Many people turn to YouTube to find answers to their questions. These individuals (perhaps including yourself) find it easier to comprehend concepts through videos compared to other learning media.

I have compiled a list of recommended YouTube channels focused on architecture and design that are worth subscribing to, categorized as follows.


Video blogs cover many fundamental aspects of architectural design and practices, and you can find them in the list of channels below.

(1 million subscribers, new videos every month)

The owner, Eric Reinholdt, is an architect based in Maine, US. This channel also serves as a promotional platform for his architectural consulting firm. The content covers crucial topics for both students and professional architects, ranging from sketch tutorials, tips for selecting architectural tools, to book and product reviews. Personally, I have gained much inspiration from this channel.

Rekomendasi Youtube Arsitektur

(200,000 subscribers, new videos every two months)

Managed by Doug Patt since 2009, this channel features a professional architect residing in the US. The content delves more into the technical and detailed aspects of architecture, facts about architecture, and reviews of famous buildings created by architects worldwide.

Rekomendasi Youtube Arsitektur

Tutorial & Skill Improvement

For recommendations on channels to enhance your architectural and design skills, from sketching and drawing to visualization and post-production, especially beneficial for those in the field of architecture, particularly students.

(100,000 subscribers, new videos every 3-4 months)

I previously discussed the importance of hand sketches for an architect here, and if you want to learn hand sketching or hand drawing, this channel is the place to be. Everything related to architectural sketching, such as choosing tools, techniques, and tips for sketching, can be found here. Rest assured, the tips provided can enhance your architectural sketching skills.

Rekomendasi Youtube Arsitektur

(200K subscribers, new videos every 1-2 weeks)

Often, effective architectural presentation techniques, including their delivery, determine the success of architectural projects. If Themodmin focuses on hand sketches, Show It Better is a channel dedicated to discussing the digital presentation of architecture, covering aspects such as rendering, post-production, three-dimensional visualization, and architectural diagram creation.

Rekomendasi Youtube Arsitektur

(300K subscribers, new videos every 2-4 weeks)

Formerly known as OU Graphic, The Upstairs discusses the post-production of architectural images through tools like Photoshop and Illustrator, along with creating diagrams and other elements related to architectural presentations.

Rekomendasi Youtube Arsitektur

(100K subscribers, new videos every 1-2 months)

Photoshop Architect provides tutorials and techniques for the post-production of architectural images using Photoshop.

Rekomendasi Youtube Arsitektur


Need ideas for residential home design? The recommended channels below can broaden your insights and provide alternative perspectives that may serve as sources of inspiration.

(4.3M subscribers, new videos every 1 week)

Bryce Langston takes viewers on a journey to various places, visiting people who live nomadically and have transformed their lifestyles to reside in very small homes. This channel inspires us on organizing all the necessities and spaces typically found in a regular home within a small-sized dwelling, offering numerous interesting lessons.

Rekomendasi Youtube Arsitektur

(2.2M subscribers, new videos every 2 weeks)

Another YouTube channel recommendation focusing on small spaces. Never Too Small is dedicated to those living in small and limited spaces, showcasing life and furniture arrangement in micro-apartments, tiny houses, and container homes. The content emphasizes that with proper organization, small spaces can meet various activities and needs.

Rekomendasi Youtube Arsitektur

(3.6 million subscribers, new videos every 1 week)

One of the most popular architecture channels on YouTube, Architectural Digest provides exclusive content, including visits to the most beautiful and luxurious homes worldwide, inhabited by interesting individuals, including celebrities and other famous personalities. Architectural Digest imparts valuable information on architecture, interior design, art, antiques, travel destinations, and extraordinary products.

Rekomendasi Youtube Arsitektur

Architecture & Traveling Channels

Who doesn't love to travel? Architects even consider traveling as a means to find inspiration, as explained in this post. Below are YouTube channels that can serve as inspiration for architecturally inclined travel.

(35K subscribers, new videos every 1-2 months)

If you enjoy traveling and exploring cities to observe architectural wonders, Donotsettle is the channel for you. Wahyu Pratomo from Indonesia and Kris Provoost from Belgium, both graduates of TU Delft, engage in architectural vlogging to explore and showcase what surrounds us through an architectural lens. They navigate urban environments, visit newly constructed projects, and discuss them in a light-hearted manner, accompanied by cool music and a fun atmosphere. It's one of my favorite channels, especially since I also appreciate urban travel.

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