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Recommendations for Netflix Architecture Series

Netflix Arsitektur

I am convinced that almost everyone is familiar with, and perhaps some have already used, Netflix. Since its access was opened by Telkom, I have frequently watched several documentaries and series that are also worth your consideration as entertainment, and certainly, they can help you broaden your knowledge of architecture and design.

A documentary that narrates how world-class designers go through their creative processes. As of the writing of this post, it has entered Season 2. Designers featured in the show come from various disciplines and professions, ranging from graphic designers, photographers, architects, to illustrators. We can learn how they generate ideas, their thought processes in design, problem-solving, and see the projects they have worked on. My favorite episode is, of course, the one featuring Bjarke Ingels.

Abstract, Netflix Arsitektur
Abstract: The Art of Design. Image from Netflix

Guided by Piers Taylor and Caroline Quentin, this documentary explores various extraordinary homes worldwide and in different countries. It consists of 2 seasons; the first showcases homes designed in extreme locations such as inside pine forests, cliff edges, and underground. The second season features extreme homes in various countries, divided per episode. The homes displayed in this show (as the title suggests, extraordinary) indeed have spectacular designs.

Homeowners pay hefty sums to architects to design luxurious, exotic, and extraordinary homes that adapt to the environmental conditions where the house is built. We can learn a lot about how something deemed impossible becomes possible through the experiences of those involved in home construction. Here, we can also learn the meaning of luxury homes from various perspectives. Luxury, according to Norwegians, turns out to be different from the luxury perceived by the Japanese.

The World Most Extraordinary Homes, Netflix Arsitektur
The World's Most Extraordinary Homes. Image from Netflix

If "The World's Most Extraordinary Homes" showcases spectacular luxury homes, "Amazing Interiors" features homes with spectacular interior designs. Most of the residences featured in this show appear quite ordinary from the outside, but once inside, they are "wow" – homes with underground bunkers, rooms with waterfalls, giant saltwater aquariums inside houses, and a series of other 'strange' things in each episode that can make us marvel. I can't believe that some people are willing to spend a lot of money to transform their home interiors to such extremes.

Amazing Interiors, Netflix Arsitektur
Amazing Interiors. Image from Netflix

This is actually an old show produced since 1999 until now, with Netflix featuring only Season 10 and 15. Kevin McCloud, the host, takes us through the design and construction processes of people's homes who are clients in this show. It includes site visits, creating drawings and designs on the computer, design solutions to solve problems in the field, both technical and cost-related, and my favorite part, McCloud asking clients about the budget allocated to build the house and where that budget comes from. Haha... very personal indeed.

Grand Design, Netflix Arsitektur
Grand Design. Image from Netflix

A competition show for interior decorating to secure a professional contract, where 10 participants divided into several groups are given different challenges, from decorating a show unit to a retail store. At the end of each episode, a participant is eliminated by the judges. I enjoy seeing each participant brainstorm before starting a project. They try to blend ideas and design concepts according to the given brief with their own design styles.

Interior Design Masters, Netflix Arsitektur
Interior Design Masters. Image from Netflix

Guided by John Weisbarth and Zack Giffin, they both help people own tiny houses. For us in Indonesia, living in a Tiny House concept is not common. But in America, this concept has become a lifestyle and trend. I am impressed with how Zack designs and provides design solutions. He can design tiny houses that can accommodate 2-4 people and as much as possible accommodate the needs and hobbies of the clients. This can be seen in one episode, where his tiny house can fit a grand piano for a musician client.

Tiny House Nation, Netflix Arsitektur
Tiny House Nation. Image from Netflix

The phenomenon of accommodation rentals like Airbnb is becoming a common alternative for travelers. But not all property owners can maximize rental income from their properties because they lack unique features or facilities. In this show, designer Genevieve Gorder and real estate expert Peter Lorimer help property owners turn their rentals into something profitable. I like the way Peter does business calculations and marketing tips to maximize property owners' rental income. Some of his tips might be applicable to property rental owners in Indonesia. The property types vary, from a boat converted into a romantic seaside retreat to a luxurious house in Malibu.

Stay Here, Netflix Arsitektur
Stay Here. Image from Netflix

Marie Kondo is a space consultant, author, and Japanese TV show host who developed a method of tidying up called KonMari. In this show, Marie Kondo visits several homes and helps residents organize and tidy up their homes. Apparently, for those whose homes are visited and organized, there is a unique happiness that impacts the relationships among the residents. At the very least, one clear advantage of a tidy home is that residents can easily find things, reducing stress. I learned a lot about tidying up a home from this show, such as how to sort items and fold clothes more efficiently.

Tidying Up Marie Kondo, Netflix Arsitektur
Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. Image from Netflix


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