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Gift Ideas for Architects

Do you have a friend or partner who is a student of architecture celebrating their birthday? Looking to give a gift to a sibling who recently joined an architecture firm? Or perhaps, you want to show appreciation to a colleague? Here are some gift ideas for architects that I recommend.

Architecture Books

Books are the safest and most universally accepted gifts, whether for architecture students or seasoned professionals. The question is, what kind of book? Architecture books generally fall into three categories: technical books containing various architectural design reference standards, theoretical and historical books, and monographs or inspiration books featuring photos of architects' works. To choose the right book as a gift, you can read my post on "7 Must-Have Architecture Books" or check my recommended book list through this link.

Hadiah Kado Arsitek
Architecture Books.

Drawing and Sketches Tools

Hadiah Kado Arsitek
Drawing and sketches tools.

Architects love to sketch. Their ideas and design concepts are initially expressed through sketches, making sketching tools a perfect gift. Among numerous items, here are some recommendations, including various drawing tools.

  1. Bienfang Sketchbook. A wirebound sketchbook that facilitates architects in sketching.

  2. Uni Kuru Toga Roullette Mechanical Pencil. A mechanical pencil with a rotating tip for an evenly sharp pencil surface.

  3. Derwent 12 Graphic Pencil. A set of 12 pencils with different thickness levels for sketching.

  4. Sakura Pigma Micron Black Barrel. Drawing pens for sketching lines, consisting of 5 special edition pens commemorating SAKURA's 100 years.

  5. Copic Sketch Marker Set 12 Basic Colour. Quality markers with 12 colors used for sketching and architectural concepts.

  6. Lamy LX Fountain Pen. An iconic fountain pen with a cool appearance and bright, attractive color options.

  7. Leather Notebook. Gifting a journal notebook is never a wrong choice. Mason Leather Notebook is not only elegant but also professional, with excellent paper quality and customizable features.

This post can also help you choose the sketching tools architects need.

Mobility Support Devices

Architects are professionals with high mobility, engaging in field surveys, out-of-town design presentations, and project visits. Consider giving gifts related to their frequent needs, such as:

  1. WD Element External Hard Drive 2TB. Architects and designers need ample storage for their work. This device is useful for transferring and backing up data and archives.

  2. Laptop Case & Organizer. Due to their high mobility, architects need an organizer for pens, gadgets, and even laptops. Lavero Case has many compartments and can accommodate a 13-inch laptop, with an easy-to-clean and water-resistant surface.

  3. Jabra Elite 3. Supporting activities like listening to music or podcasts during busy times.

Hadiah Kado Arsitek
Mobility support device.

Studio Equipment

Like artists, an architect's workspace is often referred to as a studio. If they don't have an office, they usually set up a dedicated space at home for work.

Hadiah Kado Arsitek
Studio equipment.

Here are some equipment options as gifts for filling an architect's studio:

  1. Google Nest Mini, A device from Google equipped with Google Assistant features, allowing users to control smart devices around their home.

  2. Wacom Intuos, A pen tablet alternative for architects who enjoy digital drawing, accurate, lightweight, and compatible with Windows and MacOS.

  3. View Sonic Mini Projector, A portable mini projector with its own OS, allowing the installation of apps and smartphone mirroring for design presentations.

  4. Logitech MX Master 3, The successor to MX Master 2S with improved features. This device is comfortable to use, quiet, and allows users to customize existing buttons.

  5. Desk Mat Press Play, A mouse pad made of fiber leather, elegant in appearance and easy to clean.

  6. EPSON L3210, An A4 printer that also functions as a photocopier and scanner, equipped with a factory-installed ink tank for better reliability compared to third-party ink tanks.

  7. Artworks and Artprints Decorative art pieces, such as iconic world landmarks created through digital drawing techniques, can be an alternative gift for an architect's studio.

Hadiah Kado Arsitek
Architecture artworks.

Architecture Merchandise

Want to give a more general gift? How about architecture-themed merchandise like tote bags or T-shirts? You can find some interesting architecture merchandise through this link.

Hadiah Kado Arsitek
Architecture merchandise.

I hope the above gift recommendations are useful for those looking for ideas to surprise someone. Feel free to share and goodbye!

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