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7 Must-Have Architecture Book

Learning architecture has never been more entertaining!

Architecture is a multidisciplinary field that integrates various other disciplines such as interior design, landscaping, construction, urban planning, history, and even tourism. There are many ways to study the field of architecture, and one effective method is through books. Through books, you can explore various aspects to acquire knowledge that not only broadens your theoretical understanding but also provides insights from the experiences of the authors.

I have compiled a list of recommended architecture books that, in my opinion, fall under the category of "must-have architecture books." These books are considered essential and fundamental as architectural references. So, whether you are a student of architecture or someone intending to delve into the world of architecture, here are 7 recommended architecture books that you must have.

Buku Arsitek, Form Space Order, Francis Ching, Buku Arsitektur

Often referred to as the holy grail for architecture students, this book has served as an introductory guide to architectural design for over 30 years. The fourth edition has been updated to expand discussions on circulation, views, light, and site context. It serves as a reference for students and practicing architects, helping them understand the fundamentals of architectural design by examining how form and space are organized within the built environment. The book is also available in Indonesian.

Buku Arsitek, The Architecture Reference Buku Arsitektur

A reference book for architects, architecture students, and anyone involved in architectural planning projects. This book provides vital information for architects, whether in the office or on-site, covering standards, details, diagrams, specifications, guides, and essential information for planning architectural projects of all scales. Its practical format makes it easy to carry and is a must-have on the architecture studio bookshelf.

Buku Arsitek, 101 Things I Learned in Architecture School, Buku Arsitektur

This book serves as a reference and guide for architects and architecture students. It covers 101 lessons learned in architectural drawing, design, and presentation, ranging from the basics of drawing lines to the complexity of color theory. The book is organized in a unique two-page format, presenting explanations and illustrations that are simple and clear.

Buku Arsitek, Data Arsitek Architect's Data, Ernst Neufert, Buku Arsitektur

The best-selling and most popular book among architecture students and professionals. This book, originally published in 1936, consists of three volumes and has sold over 500,000 copies worldwide. Architects' Data Volume 1 provides standard guidelines for designing small spaces such as kitchens, stairs, and residences. Volume 2 covers design standards for medium-scale buildings like hotels, hospitals, and museums. Volume 3 combines the content of Volumes 1 and 2. The book is designed to assist in the initial design stages by providing standard information on space dimensions, distances, details, and room and building requirements.

Buku Arsitek, Architect Entrepreneur Eric Reinholdt, Buku Arsitektur

This is the best architecture business book I have ever read. Eric Reinholdt has written a two-volume book based on his experience managing his consulting firm, 30x40 Design Workshop, based in Maine, US. Volume 1 covers the basics of establishing an architectural firm, including determining brand and name, marketing, and financial management. Volume 2 provides tactics for developing the consulting firm from being service-based (active income) to product-based (passive income). The tips and guidance in this book are highly relevant in the current era of information openness and are easy to understand and implement.

Buku Arsitek, Yes is More Bjarke Ingels, Buku Arsitektur

A monograph book that stands out from the rest. BIG presents a book showcasing their architectural applications in a comic book format. The aim is to provide readers with a unique experience of getting to know their projects through the architects themselves. The comic book format allows for the combination of images and narrative to tell stories through dialogue, providing an interactive experience for the reader. It's a brilliant strategy to capture the interest of a younger audience.

Buku Arsitek, The Image of The City Kevin Lynch, Buku Arsitektur

If asked to choose one book from the numerous books on urban design, this would be the choice. Written by Kevin Lynch, the author conducted observations on the image of the city in three cities: Boston, New Jersey, and Los Angeles. After analyzing the public perception of the city, he concluded that there are five components shaping the city's image: paths, edges, districts, nodes, and landmarks. These five components serve as a reference for designing a built environment.

If you feel that you need more recommendations for architecture books, I have created a list categorized by book types. You can download my list of recommended architecture books at this link.


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