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My Projects: RF House

“Home is not a place…it’s a feeling.”

This house stands on a land area of 500 m2, with a total building area of approximately 250 m2. The homeowner desires a traditional house with a Balinese holiday villa atmosphere, suitable for hosting large family gatherings and accommodating groups of colleagues. The result is a contemporary house that blends traditional Javanese house forms with tropical villa elements.

Aditya Yuwana
RF House. Image by Adityuwana


The overall concept of this building is a contemporary house with tropical touches. The contemporary concept is expressed through spatial arrangement and the selection of building materials. The sufficiently spacious and elongated land is maximized while still adhering to spatial planning regulations and healthy housing principles.

Massing and Spatial Arrangement

The owner's wish to accommodate gathering activities is met by dividing the building mass into two parts, separated by a central garden that serves as a swimming pool. The first building is located at the front of the site and functions as the guest reception area. This is where the owner receives guests and colleagues. This building includes a living room with a sunken sofa that can accommodate about 10 people. The second building is located at the rear of the site and serves as the residential area and a gathering place for the extended family. With this mass division, it is possible to host guests and family simultaneously without sharing the same room and feeling awkward.

Aditya Yuwana
Axonomethy of the building. Image by Adityuwana

For the residential area, it includes a master bedroom complete with a walk-in closet and bathroom, children's bedrooms, dining room, kitchen, prayer room, and service area including a maid's room and laundry room. The family room, dining room, and clean kitchen are placed in an open-plan area directly facing the swimming pool. This arrangement ensures the best view from these three rooms towards the pool.


The house can be accessed through two doors: the main door and the garage door. Access to the backyard garden can also be achieved through a sidewalk without going through the residential zone. Thus, the comings and goings do not disturb the privacy of the homeowners and do not cause inconvenience when there are guests.

Front Facade

The front facade adopts the typical traditional Javanese architecture, namely the Joglo house complete with a main door in the form of a carved partition (gebyok). Traditional elements and local identity are reinforced by the use of distinctive carvings on the roof's fascia.

Aditya Yuwana
Front facade. Image by Adityuwana


Lobby is designed with a sunken sofa concept using concrete materials. To enhance the tropical atmosphere, large windows facing the garden are incorporated, and materials such as unfinished concrete and wooden floors are used.

Aditya Yuwana
Sunken sofa in lobby. Image by Adityuwana


The central garden serves as a separator between the guest reception and residential zones. This area is utilized for the swimming pool and gazebo. The pool, approximately 3 meters by 8 meters, is sufficient to accommodate the residents' swimming activities. To protect from the weather, the pool is surrounded by a transparent canopy roof with an iron frame and wooden lattice accents as sunscreens. Hanging Vernonia Elliptica plants are used to obstruct the view from the living room to the residential area, ensuring privacy and preserving the residents' activities.

Aditya Yuwana
The separating area with the swimming pool and porch. Image by Adityuwana

Living Room

This space is designed with an open-plan concept, combining three functions in one room: dining room, clean kitchen, and family room. The interior is designed in a contemporary style, utilizing some spaces as built-in shelves and work tables. The central space is designed with ample openings to ensure smooth airflow, eliminating the need for air conditioning (only ceiling fans are used). In the corner of the family room, a prayer room is placed, with walls made of perforated cube-patterned concrete for the same reasons.

Aditya Yuwana
Open-plan concept living room. Image by Adityuwana

Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is equipped with a walk-in closet (WiC) and a bathroom. The bedroom intentionally conceals the floor trap to disguise the height of the spring bed placed on the floor. The bedroom has direct access and a view towards the swimming pool.

Aditya Yuwana
Master bedroom. Image by Adityuwana
Aditya Yuwana
RF House Image by Adityuwana

Project Name - RF House

Year- 2021

Land Area - 500m2

Building Area - 250m2

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