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My Projects: PR House

The magic thing about home is that it feels good to leave, and it feels even better to come back

This house stands on a land area of 180 m2, with a total building area of 304 m2. Several issues were considered in the design of this house, including the client's desire for specific rooms and a need for privacy in various activities within the house. Additionally, the west-facing orientation of the land required careful consideration regarding sunlight exposure.


The primary concept of this building is to present a fully equipped contemporary residence within limited space. This concept is manifested through the zoning and spatial arrangement, as well as the form and appearance of the structure. The privacy of the residents is maintained through careful zoning and both vertical and horizontal circulation.

Space Requirements and Spatial Arrangement

The client sought a residence for five occupants with additional facilities, including a workspace, study room, swimming pool, and entertainment area. Due to space limitations, the house was designed as a three-story structure with an added mezzanine serving as an attic room, making use of the space beneath the roof. The first floor accommodates semi-private spaces such as a workspace, guest bedroom, and family room. The second floor consists of bedrooms, a children's study room, and a reading room. Meanwhile, the third floor includes additional rooms and facilities such as an entertainment area, fulfilling all the client's space requirements.

Aksonometri bangunan, Aditya Yuwana
Building axonometry. Image by Adityuwana

Zoning and Circulation

The house's zoning is divided into three categories: semi-private, private, and service zones. The separation of the workspace and guest bedroom from the family room illustrates the semi-private zone. Similarly, the service zone, including the circulation for AC technicians and plumbing, is designed separately to avoid disturbing the residents' privacy during maintenance. The second and third floors constitute the private zone, where rooms within this zone (bedrooms, bathrooms, attic room) have no direct access to the semi-private or service zones. This arrangement ensures the residents' privacy during various activities.

Front Facade

Facing west, the front facade of the house experiences intense sunlight and glare, especially during the afternoon. The front facade incorporates concrete roster blocks with a cube motif as a shield from the afternoon sun. Roster blocks were chosen to block the sun's heat while allowing light and air to enter. They also enhance the homeowners' privacy without the need for adjusting window curtains, fulfilling the client's specific request. Additionally, roster blocks contribute to strengthening the character of the building's front appearance.

Fasad Depan Rumah Kontemporer, Aditya Yuwana
The front facade features vent blocks as a secondary skin. Image by Adityuwana


The mudroom serves as a transitional space between the exterior and interior, located at the front entrance of the house. Typically used for storing outdoor gear such as jackets, shoes, helmets, etc., this mudroom is situated near a WC/washroom, which also serves as a facility for security personnel.


The workspace is situated on the first floor with a view towards the front and a private garden, acting as a buffer between the workspace and the road, obstructed by roster blocks. This design ensures the privacy of the workspace users. While designed for one person, the workspace can accommodate 2 to 3 individuals and has direct access from the mudroom. The indoor private garden serves the same purpose as the front garden, acting as a boundary and circulation route for optimal ventilation and lighting.

Aditya Yuwana
Workspace with a private garden. Image by Adityuwana

Living Room

Similar to my other designs, the family room in this house is open-plan, combining three functions in one room—family room, dining area, and kitchen. The central space connects directly to the backyard, featuring a mini swimming pool within an approximately 4m x 6m space. The open layout allows the residents to monitor all activities, especially swimming, without obstruction. Due to limited green space, the back wall is utilized as a vertical garden, providing a softscape element to balance the house and serving as a background for the mini swimming pool.

 Aditya Yuwana
Mini swimming pool. Aditya Yuwana
Living room features an open-plan concept with access to the backyard swimming pool. Image by Adityuwana

Guest Bedroom

The guest bedroom, or common bedroom, can be utilized by any visiting family member. It is designed with a small pantry and a private garden accessible only from that room, enhancing the privacy for overnight guests.

Kamar tidur tamu dengan taman. Aditya Yuwana
The guest bedroom with a private garden. Image by Adityuwana

Study and Reading Room

The connecting corridor on the second floor is partially used as a study room and reading room, placed side by side. Although not large and utilizing leftover space, these rooms accommodate the learning and reading activities of the residents. Both rooms are equipped with large windows facing the backyard with a view of the vertical garden.

Aditya Yuwana
Aditya Yuwana
The corridor between the rooms on the second floor is utilized as a reading and study space. Image by Adityuwana

Third Floor

The third floor houses an entertainment room. The concrete roof is utilized as a green roof, functioning as a garden and gathering space for family BBQs. The attic is repurposed as a versatile space that can serve as a sports room or an additional bedroom. Utility rooms are also located on the third floor, housing outdoor AC units and a water tank, accessible only through the service stairs on the first floor. This ensures the residents' privacy even during maintenance activities.

Aditya Yuwana
Gathering area on third floor. Image by Adityuwana
Aditya Yuwana
Entertainment room. Image by Adityuwana
Aditya Yuwana
The space beneath the roof has been designated as an additional bedroom. Image by Adityuwana


The interior design of the house incorporates contemporary elements. Furniture materials predominantly include teak wood and solid wood, creating a warm and elegant atmosphere. Varying ceiling heights and materials are used to distinguish between different spaces. Indirect lighting is incorporated into some areas, from the floor, ceiling, and behind the furniture.

Aditya Yuwana
Aditya Yuwana
The main bedroom is predominantly adorned with wood to create a warm ambiance. Image by Adityuwana

Project Name - PR House

Year - 2020

Land Area - 180 m2

Building Area - 304 m2

Building Type - Private House


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