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Architecture Podcast Recommendations

Familiar with podcasts? How about architecture podcasts?

Podcasts, a portmanteau of iPod and Broadcast, are streaming recordings delivered in audio format. The concept of podcasts gained recognition in 2004 and saw increased popularity in 2005 when Apple incorporated podcast features into iTunes. In 2010, I came across a daily habit suggesting that "Successful people listen to podcasts more than music." Intrigued and eager to explore what podcasts were and their content, I began listening to podcasts. However, it was somewhat challenging to find Indonesian-language podcasts at that time.

The landscape has since changed, with the podcast business growing, particularly in Indonesia, experiencing a boom since 2018. This surge began when the Anchor platform launched a free hosting service for distributing podcasts across various platforms. Previously, podcast creators had to use paid hosting services to distribute their podcasts. Since then, many people have rushed to create podcasts, similar to the vlogging boom in 2012. Another reason is that creating audio content in podcast form (although video podcasts are also prevalent now) is much easier and economical in terms of equipment and effort compared to producing audio-visual content like vlogs. Unfortunately, as of now, podcasting in Indonesia is not yet supported for monetization.

The advantage of podcasts lies in their audio-based nature, allowing listeners to enjoy them while engaging in other activities such as driving or exercising, which could be unsafe while watching YouTube, for example. Individuals with high mobility are likely to prefer this medium over video content.

With thousands of podcasts available, each covering different topics and content, I would like to recommend some inspiring podcasts specifically for architecture and design. These can serve as references to accompany you in your daily activities.

Podcast Arsitektur

Design is present in every aspect of our lives. 99% Invisible engages in conversations about architecture and design that often go unnoticed but shape the world around us. Hosted by Roman Mars, an American radio producer exploring design incidents that are commonly found in our surroundings.

Podcast Arsitektur

A podcast in Indonesian focusing on the world of architecture, especially for students. Discussions include the ins and outs of the architecture student's life, from why choose architecture as a major, creating drawings, design ideas, portfolio creation, professional architectural education, and more. Perfect for those currently studying architecture.

Podcast Arsitektur

Laura Davis and Holly Hall, Principal Architects at HPD Architecture + Interiors, share tips and topics about architecture and design. They cover aspects such as selecting the right architect and other relevant topics, including what interns can do to succeed as they begin their careers.

Podcast Arsitektur

Hosted by English presenters Luke Jones and George Gingell, this podcast discusses architecture, buildings, and cities, from the past to the present. It includes interesting conversations about how films, fiction, images, and comics relate to architecture, buildings, and cities.

Podcast Arsitektur

One of my favorite channels. Hosted by Enoch Sears, this podcast, as its title suggests, delves into the business of architecture. The discussions are specifically centered around strategies, tips, and secrets on how to run and grow an enjoyable and, most importantly, profitable architectural consulting firm. It is suitable for those who are either establishing a firm or looking to enhance the quality of their consulting business.

Podcast Arsitektur

The Second Studio, hosted by architects David Lee and Marina Bourderonnet from New York, is a podcast channel that covers various aspects of design, architecture, and current events. The channel invites and features architects, urban planners, developers, fashion designers, educators, and several others as guests. It is a channel that consistently releases episodes on a weekly basis.

Podcast Arsitektur

Produced by the Harvard Graduate School of Design, this podcast features comprehensive interviews with leading architects, designers, and planners. The podcast explores the lives and thought processes of practitioners from around the world.


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