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Adityuwana Architecture Blog

Hello, this is my first post on the blog, and it marks the first time I am venturing into the realm of blogging. I've attempted a few times before, but due to various commitments and other factors, I am now taking the initiative to realize this endeavor.

Who am I?

I am Aditya Yuwana, commonly known as Adit. In my daily life, I am involved in managing an architecture studio that I and my colleagues established in Jogja back in 2013, right after completing my master's degree at one of the state universities in Jogja. Additionally, I serve as a lecturer at a private tourism college in Jogja.


"I like architecture." Since elementary school, I aspired to become an architect after discovering the profession in an Indonesian language book. After completing my undergraduate studies, I pursued a master's degree in tourism planning. Originally, I had no intention of studying tourism, but among all the program brochures I collected, the tourism program brochure stood out with its captivating visuals of tourist destinations. The paper quality was also appealing. Hahaha... Eventually, I decided to enroll.

What is this blog about?

Throughout my undergraduate and graduate studies, and later in establishing the studio with friends, I learned and experienced many things, especially in the architectural process. Unfortunately, these experiences were not well-documented. Hence, through this blog, I aim to document the architectural process and share information, experiences, and knowledge, particularly related to the field of architecture, as I believe that sharing through writing is a form of charity.

The content I will cover in this blog does not delve into technical aspects and construction of buildings but rather revolves around the world of architecture, design, travel, lifestyle, and other light and relaxed topics.

In general, I have divided this blog into six categories, namely (1) A+ Stories, featuring stories behind the studio, works, the architectural process, and everything that happens within it, (2) A+ Tips, providing tips and tutorials related to architecture and design, (3) A+ Tools discussing products, items, and tools for architects, (4) A+ Insight, sharing knowledge about the world of architecture for the general public, (5) A+ Trip, covering journeys, tours, and architectural trips, and (6) Various Things containing all other aspects related to the world of architecture and design.

Looking ahead, I hope that what I write in this blog proves to be beneficial, and I am grateful if it can inspire especially those who want to know more about the world of architecture and its intricacies, whether they are fellow students, architecture graduates, or those seeking architecture tips and inspiration.

In conclusion, welcome to Aditya Yuwana's architecture blog. Enjoy!


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